Program Visitation

RBS Device
Becoming a Program Visitor
The Recreational Boating Safety Program Visitation Program (RBSVP) continues to play an ever increasing role and is an integral component of the USCG’s Recreational Boating Safety (RBS) program.    Program Visitors (PV’s) serve as “community ambassadors”, and promote safe boating through the aid of Program Partners who are businesses or organizations where the boating public might frequent.  This community outreach program not only provides Program Partners with safety/boating related literature, but serves as a resource link (point of contact) for Program Partners who may need more information including, but not limited to, answers to questions such as:  documentation, recall status, or technical questions.  The RBSVP interfaces with other RBS programs and provides additional information to Program Partners such as schedules and details for vessel examinations (VE), boating safety classes (PE), and special events (PA).  Under all circumstances, PV’s must maintain the best of personal appearance and CORRECTLY worn uniform along with a solid knowledge base of safe boating practices.
Here’s how to become a Program Visitor:
1. Contact your FSO-PV and have him answer any questions you may have regarding RBSVP and let him know that you are ready to begin preparing for this qualification.
2. Download the RBS Visitation Program Manual and begin to study. 
3. Download form ANSC 7046  where you will record your PV activity. Form ANSC 7047 is not currently being used.
4. Download the Vessel Safety Check Manual .  All PV’s are required to have an excellent knowledge of vessel examinations and at least 25% of the questions open book PV Examination come from this manual. You do not need to be VE qualified, but it is highly recommended.
5. Download the updates and changes to the Vessel Safety Check manual M16796.8 Changes
6. Ready to take the RBSVP Qualification Exam ?  Click Here
7. After you have completed the exam with a score of 90% or greater, contact any certified PV and under his supervision perform two Program Partner visits.  Then give your FSO-PV a copy of your test score detail that you will receive online, affix that information to the Program Visitor Initial Qualification and Re-certification Application (use a copy of the form in the RBSPV Manual)* and he will obtain the appropriate signatures and send to DIRAUX.  Shortly thereafter, you will receive a  PV Letter of Certification, PV Certificate, and Examiner Program Ribbon. PV’s can also earn the prestigious RBS Device. Criteria

*Follow for the new Certification / Re-Certification form MT-2 not currently available for District 13.