Become a Firefighter

Become a firefighter...

As a "green tag" member of Hillside Hose Company No. 1, you will be able to choose from many opportunities for service. You can be challenged to learn, train and excel in areas and at levels you didn’t think you were capable of, all at your own pace and in your own time. And you will be formally recognized by the Morris Township Fire Department for your accomplishments.

Here are just some the the reasons to join:

    • Help save lives and preserve property - Your direct contribution to public safety can, and often does, literally save lives.

    • Increase your skills - Take advantage of advanced training in engine, ladder and pump operations, Search and Rescue, HAZMAT, Swift Water Rescue or one of the many courses available through the Morris County Public Safety Academy and other organizations in the area and Federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. As a member of Hillside Hose Company No. 1, there are no fees for these courses.

    • Hillside members are encouraged to do more than the minimum training. Our fundraising efforts are invested in training our members.

    • You can leverage your existing talents, skills and experience to gain new positions and qualifications as you progress in the fire service.

    • Support the Morris Township Fire Department - Become qualified to serve as a line officer, a pump operator or ladder operator. Become part of the HAZMAT unit or any number of other opportunities.

    • Fun and fellowship - Enjoy the company and camaraderie of fellow firefighters during training, at meetings, or social events. We enjoy our work and we enjoy each other’s company!

    • Sharpen your leadership skills - Bring your leadership skills to the fire company, or let us teach you how to be a great leader.

If you enjoy helping people and making new friends...

The fire department is for you!

Interested? Contact us by email at